Friday, October 27, 2006

Monthly Check In with Coordinator

I sent in an email today for our monthly check in. We asked if profiles were ok, and what was listed as our preferences. The check in was brief, and I guess she's considering it for the month of November too....

Hi Elizabeth and Mike,

Thanks for checking in (let’s say for the month of November :) ); we are good with your profile count—no additional ones are needed at this time. Listed below is your preference range that we have you listed as:

Age Range, Twins, Sibling Group, Race, Gender, Contact with Birthmom, Substance Usage, Birthmother Expenses.

Let me know if you have any changes. Have a great weekend.

For the most part it was right, we are interested in up to age two, would love to be considered for twins and sibling groups, etc. But the birthmothers expenses we had written negotiable (we are not limited to what was listed), and the substance usage (the hard stuff) we want to take on a case by case basis. So I emailed her back to ask a few questions.

I guess we don't get to talk to her until December now. It sure can be discouraging sometimes.

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