Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween was fun

We had a blast last night passing out candy to kids. Mike is going to be such a great dad! He was so excited everytime the bell rang, and loved looking at the kid's halloween costumes. We had 55 trick or treaters.

Mike had bought lots of halloween candy, and I went and bought fruit snacks for the toddlers/babies and picked up some crayons too. Stuff A Friend is having a coloring contest, so I printed off the coloring sheets, and made a booklet of them. The sheets had one of our website addresses on them ( that tells about our adoption. I put Stuff A Friend stickers on the crayons with my Stuff A Friend website: .

So when the doorbell rang, Mike passed out the candy and I passed out the crayons and coloring sheets. The kids were really excited about it, we heard one little boy go screaming down the driveway to his mother "MOM! Crayons and Candy! This is the BEST house ever!"

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