Saturday, August 18, 2007

We had several visitors this week

It was a wonderful week here in our household, with lots of visitors!

Sunday, our almost 5 year old nephew came over with my sister to bring our niece to visit. He had a great time hanging out with us, and telling us stories about what is going on in the world of a five year old.

We had our 18 month old niece visit us Sunday through Wednesday. It was a lot of fun, and great practice for Mike too. He was in charge of her and her needs every time that we were together. He is WONDERFUL with our niece. And she absoultely adored him. He changed poopy diapers, gave her a shower, fed her, played with her, dressed her, put her to bed, got her up in the morning... And he was fantastic.

I love that man! I can't wait until he's a daddy!

We were a bit spoiled too. She is such an easy kid, and tons of fun. We've been joking (sort of serious too) that we want one just like her. She's was at restaurants, very friendly, but not misbehaved. She listened, and when we told her no- she paid attention almost 100% of the time. She loves to people watch. She slept through the night. Went to bed easily, naps too. Woke up singing and happy- and played in her crib for a while. She ate everything we put in front of her, and has learned how to politely ask for "mo peas" and "tank du" and even "uuuu wehcome". She has really learned to talk quite a bit the last month or so- and she says Mike's name with the custest southern accent. Mine too. =) She is so cute when she toddles! And she loves to explore and wander. And, she started to tell us when she had a dirty diaper too. Too bad we can't clone her! We want one just like her!

Then, on Thursday, our other niece and our two year old nephew came over to visit. We went out to lunch, and Mike joined us. You should have seen the big huge smile my nephew got on his face when he saw "Unka Mike". His face lit up! And Our little niece, she's only eight months old, and had a great big smile when he gave her a kiss. I fed my niece guacamole, and she loved it. She had a great big grin. And my nephew had ice cream- one of his favorite treats =) They were so much fun.

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