Saturday, June 07, 2008

His own lawyer

We got a call this week from our lawyer. Apparently Mark has to have his own lawyer to represent him. So we are waiting for her call so she can "meet her client". Our lawyer is going to talk to the judge next week to see if the home study has been accepted or not. We're still "in the system". Hopefully something happens soon!

As for Mark, he's doing great! He loves to eat and play. We are currently rearranging our dining room to turn it into a play room so he has more room to scoot around. He's getting quite good at that. I think we'll have a crawler sooner rather than later. He's a pretty smart little guy.


L L said...

that is kinda funny that he has to have his own lawyer at his age : ) I have got to remember to mention this to J.

I am looking forward to hearing about him crawling everywhere and his first attempt at walking.

Lawfrog said...

Yeah, it's always strange that the child has to have his/her own lawyer, but it does actually make sense because your lawyer works for you and the child (in this case, sweet Mark) needs someone to look out for his interests. Not that you aren't doing that yourself, but it's the legal system for ya.:)