Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One step closer

Mark and I took a trip to the lawyer's office yesterday and dropped off the fingerprints. The secretary was so happy so see us. She loves Mark, and the feeling is mutual. He snuggled right up to her and just gave her the largest smiles. It was so cute to see.

As for updates, we're waiting for Mark's lawyer's report, our lawyer needs to find out if we need another criminal check (we had one when we did the ICPC) and then we should be able to get a date from the judge.

Now, things change all the time, so who knows? But we sure are hoping we can wrap this up soon!

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Lawfrog said...

Yah for being one step closer! I always loved it when those who were adopting came into our law office and brought the little ones. So neat to see the happy families and to know I was some small part of it.