Thursday, August 07, 2008

August Update

In one of our online playgroups we do an "update" each month, the first week or so of the month. So I thought I'd post ours here. You can see, our little guy has been quite busy lately!

Age: 7 months

Weight: 18 lbs

Length: 26.75 inches

Milestones: crawling, pulling up, sitting up from a crawling position, too many to name- Mike said last week "wow, last week was a big week for him developmentally" - and if HE said something, you know lots has happened.

Mobility status: crawling, pulling up with a few steps while holding on to something

Diaper Size and Brand: we've been using natural choice environmentally friendly in size 3, but we're almost done with that case and we have some whole foods 365 and some earth's best size 3 to try next. We use Seventh Generation a lot too.

What size clothes? 6-9 mo. He's in a solid 6 months now. Though he can wear some 3-6 tops and shorts.

How long is your baby sleeping at night? 10-12 hours

How many naps? 2 - 3

Favorite toy? his books that make noise

Favorite activity? jumperoo

How do they interact with their siblings? with the cat- great. Chases after her and pets her. He's learned not to grab her fur. Loves his cousins (ages 1,2,3 and 5) too - and gets right in there with them.

How many teeth? two full, plus 2 that are currently breaking through and two that are right under.

Favorite Food? anything and everything. Peach Apricot Muesli is his favorite baby food from Earth's Best. He loves oatmeal cereal and multi grain cereal from Happy Bellies and several of the Happy Baby frozen foods. He loves mashed potatoes, avocados, frozen mangos, guacamole, and grilled cheese.

Least favorite food? nothing really- actually I take that back- he doesn't like smooth (pureed) baby food. He wants "real" food.

What are the family plans for the rest of the summer? hanging around home, some trips to the river; Hopefully finalization.

recent picture:
he got caught trying to climb over daddy's legs to get to his arrow root cookies.

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