Friday, September 22, 2006


So, I'm going to be a first time Mom at 36 (most likely). When I was growing up, that was not what I expected, but now, I eagerly anticipate it. When Mike and I got married, we purposely planned our wedding for 2004 so that we could have our first child in 2005. Well, obviously those plans were not meant to be. The best laid plans don't always work out, but you know, that's what makes life so interesting. We are fortunate enough to be healthy, happy and secure, and will be able to enjoy our children, keep up with them, and watch them flourish. I don't feel 36, I feel like I am younger. And that's what keeps us going, looking forward to the future.

36 is not too old to become a first time parent, and is not totally unusual anymore. Though it's hard not to think about it when a 35 year old friend of mine became a grandmother yesterday. Or the fact that when my mom was 36 she had a 16 year old (me!). But in today's society, it's ok to be a bit older, and still have kids. Thank goodness we are where we are today, as Mike and I were meant to be parents.

We look forward to it this year and welcome the challenge.

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