Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A good reminder as to why to keep copies of everything....

Well, as we said from the get-go, adopting is full of ups and downs....

We had our home study on June 29th, and had not heard back yet from the social worker. She had said it would probably be a month. Well, a month and a week or two went by, never heard anything. A couple promises of "it'll be done soon, wrapping up a few loose ends". A few returned emails and phone calls. Then, no replies at all.

Come to find out, our paperwork has been lost. Packed in a suitcase on a plane. The luggage was lost. All our paperwork, our homestudy, all copies of our personal info, out in limbo somewhere.

And when do we find this out? When Elizabeth is in the Hill Country and Mike is on call on a holiday weekend.

We have to resubmit EVERYTHING so the whole process can be started again. Meanwhile, there is a good chance we are being passed over for a few insta-family matches since this home study is not turned in. Something we can't control, it's entirely out of our hands. Our profile is still being passed out, but sometimes a few instances come up for an immediate match. They prefer to select folks whose homestudies are complete and turned in.

Luckily, everything was scanned and saved on the computer. So, everything was able to be emailed in, and the process begins again. Hopefully it will be completed in a timely manner.

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