Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fun weekend

We are getting a little parenting practice in this weekend. Our niece (she's 1) is here to visit. Some friends and I had a "babies on the brain, in the belly and on the hip" get together. We meet about once a month to visit, play with the babies, and socialize. Both my sisters came, bringing both my nieces and one of my nephews. The one year old niece came home with me, and is visiting for the weekend.

Mike did a great job adjusting the crib to it's lowest setting. We babyproofed the major rooms in the house (I'm sure she'll show us what else needs to be done ;) ). We're both having fun with her, she is such a sweetie pie. We took her out to dinner tonight, and she charmed everybody, customers and waiters alike.

We are going to have a busy day tomorrow, and she'll go home on Monday.

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