Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Sales are always good.

We received some coupons from Babies R Us. They are "Take an extra 15% off every clearance baby gear item" and "Save $10 on every car seat". We had other coupons too, but I gave them to a friend of ours- we already had the items that they were good for, or are not planning on getting the items they were good for.

So, we are going to go look at infant car seats. We were thinking originally of not getting an infant car seat, but now have decided it would probably be a good idea. Chances are very likely that we will end up with a little one who will need it. Worst case, we won't take it out of the box and we can eBay it if we never use it. But we figured, better safe than having to purchase it last minute! So, we are going to go look at them one day this week after work.

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