Friday, May 09, 2008

A Mom Because of Her

Someone shared this poem on a yahoo group I am on and wanted to share:

A Mom Because of Her

The joy I feel today is somehow mixed with pain,
A title once hers, now offered up for me to gain.
You see, I became a mother in a not so usual way,
At the loving hands of someone else, I celebrate today.

I am now called Mother, because she made it so;
She sacrificed her role with love, and let her baby go.
Now cards and flowers are mine, and happy wishes too;
Will you remember her as well, or will you have no clue?

She too is still a mother, even on this special day
Though no longer in her arms does her baby lay,
But forever in her heart remains a love so strong and pure
And as I enjoy this day, I remember: I'm a mom because of her.

~Susan Reardon 2004

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L L said...

That is one of my favorite poems. I really need to start a collection of these so I will have them for the future.

happy (blelated) Mother's Day Liz!