Sunday, May 18, 2008

random weekend things

My friend Diana is due any moment with her daughter- she's past the due date, so the little one can come out now any moment! I hope she has an easy labor.... she is going to be a great Mommy!

This weekend I had a booth at the American Baby Faire at Reliant Hall. It was a lot of fun. While my sister and I worked the booth, Mark hung out with Daddy. The guys had a wonderful bonding time. I was so happy to see him when I got home each night. And tonight he just hung onto me, and snuggled with me for quite a while. It was so nice.

Also, please send some good thoughts to my nephew. He's been sick and got worse while traveling, but is on the road to recovery. He's out of town right now, and we can't wait until he comes back home. Hopefully it's just a few days. He loves cookies, so instead of flowers or balloons or anything like that I think I'll see if I can get him a cookie bouquet when he comes home.


L L said...

Prayers for your nephew.

Diana said...

Aw! Thanks for the good wishes. I'm still overdue and anxious!

Glad you had a good time and that Mike and Mark got some good bonding time!