Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sometimes you need a baby fix

Waiting can be hard. We're so ready- just bring on the baby! We have names picked out, we have furniture, clothes, etc. All we need is the kiddo (s).

We were fortunate enough to see our nieces today, and get our baby fix. One is 4 months today, the other is 14 months today. Ah, so nice to hold those babies, play with them... enjoy them and see their smiles. They really have great personalities, and always smile when they see us.

We had a difficult task to do today. My dad and aunts have been sorting through my grandmother's house. Splitting up everything. Deciding who should get what and where it should go. My sisters each brought their daughters, and Mike and I met them and my aunts in the house. It was the first time I'd been in the house since the funeral. And it was something I needed to do. It sure did help to have the babies there. They really helped us a lot. Mike spent time with the older one while the "girls" except for the older niece all toured the house, sharing memories, looking at things. I held the little one, and that really helped me a lot. Being slightly distracted helped me get through it better.

Then we all went out to dinner. I had older baby duty, got to sit next to her, and keep her entertained while we ate. She is so much fun :) The both are. Seeing the grins on their faces, when we talk to them, hold them, smile at them, it really gives you a great feeling. They have wonderful personalities.

And we got our baby fix for a day or two :)

Fortunately, I have lots of friends with babies, and two nieces and two nephews, so we have plenty of kiddos around when we need a baby fix.

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