Tuesday, May 29, 2007

11 months

11 months since we contracted out. We've been officially waiting parents for 11 months. It's not quite a year, but it's getting there... A lot sure has happened in these past 11 months, it's been a real roller coaster ride of emotions.

This "anniversary" doesn't seem quite as sad or melancholy as the others. I guess it's more that we're trusting it's going to happen when it happens. We are trying to enjoy life as it happens, do selfish things we won't be able to do when we have children and all the responsibilities that go along with them. And enjoy each other.

One thing that has never faltered is our strength and love for each other. We're very lucky, and we recognize that, because often things such as infertility or adoption can put a strain on a marriage. Fortunately we both are in sync with each other, and able to help each other, lift spirits when the other is down. If anything, this experience has brought us even closer together, and we give thanks every day for each other.

11 months.


Diana said...

Your anniversary posts make me so sad for you. I want it to be your turn already! I am so sorry you keep hitting these anniversaries and hope you don't have to post another one. Sending warm thoughts to you and Mike today.

Tiff said...

I hope you don't have to wait too much longer.