Monday, May 28, 2007

Adoption Songs II (well, albums anyway)

So, it's been a while, (Tuesday, March 13th) since I started this "series" of adoption songs. I haven't forgotten, just been distracted by some other things :) Today, I'll focus on some adoption albums. Some I have been eyeing for a while, some I just recently came across.

Anyway, one CD I found I keep meaning to get, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet is The Spirit of Adoption. It's a collection of Christian artists whose lives have been touched by the miracle of adoption. Artists included on the album are: Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patty, Geoff Moore, Rita Springer, Todd Agnew, Chuck & Lynette Giacinto, Sandi Padilla, Becky Wright & Tommy Brandt, and Mary Rice Hopkins.

Another one that I want to eventually purchase is Adoption....the Songs you Love. It used to be available on, but hasn't been for a while. The songs on this album are not the original artists, but rather a compilation of songs sung by a few artists.

Do You Have A Little Love to Share? Provides songs for all those involved in adoption, including birth parents/families as well as adoptive parents/families. You can listen to the songs, and see some of the lyrics by clicking on the title of the album.

And though I don't know the songs included on Little Angel Smiles, from what I've heard it covers all aspects of adoption as well. There are 18 songs written for birthparents, adoptive parents, waiting parents, and the child who brings them together. The reviews I have heard from this album seem to be pretty good.

SameSame:Songs for Adoptive Families looks like it will be a good one to use as a child grows up in our family. We will be using age appropriate materials to share their adoption story, and this CD appears to fit in perfectly with our goals. It contains both silly and serious songs, perfect for children and families.

Another along similar lines is My Forever Family CD. It is geared more toward international adoption, with songs such as "Two Countries" and "My Native Land", but the Songs for Grown Ups include songs that adopting and waiting families can relate to.

Anyway, those are a few albums I've come across lately....

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