Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Adoption Songs

My newest project, to find adoption songs. This is actually going to be part one in a series of posts, as I find some more songs :)

I'll start with a mix I found on the Adoptive Families magazine website. It is a mix that the magazine put together, and has songs written by folks who have been touched by adoption, and is available on iTunes (It's called, "The Beat of Love, from Adoptive Families"). Many of these particular tunes are folk music type (with a few surprises) but there are several different kinds of songs out there. I need to look into purchasing some of them...

A few notes on songs from the mix:

When Love Takes You In, written by Steven Curtis Chapman, who has a daughter adopted from China: 1 Jn 3: 1; Jn 14: 18; Psalm 68: 5-6. "...And somewhere while you're sleeping, Someone else is dreaming too, Counting down the days until, They hold you close and say I love you..."

This is Home, co written and sung by Lucy Kaplansky, is an intimate reflection on welcoming their daughter into their family.

Happy Adoption Day by John McCutcheon. "...There are those who think families happen by chance, A mystery their whole life through, But we had a voice and we had a choice, We were working and waiting for you..."

Just Like Me by Darryl McDaniels (who didn't learn he was adopted until he was 35) and Sarah McLachlan (who is also adopted) samples "The Cats in the Cradle" and turns it into a message of hope.

Ask Me Anything, is written and performed by Chuck Kent, father of two children adopted from China. It's from his album "Same/Same" which contains 11 original songs about adoption.

Love Takes the Best of You and Long Night Moon by Catie Curtis are both written during her experiences with adoption. She wrote Love Takes the Best of You while awaiting the adoption of her sister from Cambodia. Long Night Moon was written as she waited to bring her own daughter home from China.

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Renee & Paul said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing. While this isn't specifically an adoption song I always get choked up when I hear "God Blessed the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts. I think it has so much meaning to our journey.