Wednesday, March 07, 2007


One of the important things to do is network. Get the word out that we are adopting. Make business cards, spread the word. I am in a yahoo group with others who are also working with the same facilitator as us. One girl is very active in networking, and has given us some info about some yahoo groups to join. I think we are going to look into it and see what we can find. You have to be careful though, as sometimes there are scam artists out there. That's why it's good to have an adoption lawyer (which we have) to help ensure that all will go ok.

We found out about one situation, it sounded very interesting for us. We'd be perfect for them, and the situation was perfect for us. So, I sent an email to the birthmother. Unfortunately, she probably got at least 200o emails in a very short time period, so she probably didn't see our email. Hopefully she will see it though, and consider us to parent her child.

We've heard of a few other situations before, but nothing has worked out yet. We do have extra profiles, so if anyone ever hears of a situation, let us know and we can pass on a profile to you.

You never know what will happen. We really appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers, and for thinking of us when you hear of a situation.

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Lawfrog said...

I'm certainly keeping my eyes and ears open for any possible situations for you two. You guys will make great parents and it's clear how much you want to take on the challenge...that is just what a child needs. Someone who loves them before the child is even born.