Friday, March 23, 2007

Great news for my friends

I was chatting online with a friend of mine who lives in California. They talked to a birthmother today, and were matched! That makes 2 of my friends who are using the same adoption facilitator as us who have been matched this month.

One other found her own birth mother through networking. And they thought it might be twins. Turns out, it's triplets! Wow, she'll be busy!

I am so excited for my friends. They are all going to be awesome parents :)

Nothing new to report for us. We're starting to network a bit. We figure it can't hurt. We plan on eventually having two or three children, so we might as well start networking now. You never know how are where you are going to be matched up with a birthparent. Who knows how many of our little ones will be matched up through our agency, and how many are matched through networking. We're prepared for any and all situations. We've got a great adoption lawyer and a home study. Everything but a match. They'll come eventually :)

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