Sunday, March 11, 2007


One thing that was suggested to us, as we wait, is to volunteer. It's a little difficult to volunteer at the adoption center, but there are other ways that we can do it. So, we are looking into it, seeing what we can do.

Our facilitation center works with families and birthmothers across the US. One thing they have suggested is for us to locate contact information for individual organizations, such as health & abortion clinics, physicians offices, hospitals, college health clinics, shelters, continuation schools, and other potential locations in which birthmothers might seek services.

Then, they will send out information about adoption, Lifetime's services, etc. Including brochures and the magazine, and other tools to help educate professionals about Lifetime and it's support for birthparents.

One thing I do know is how to research like that. I did it with my former job, and am kind of doing that with my direct sales business. I figure it can't hurt to help out.... and who knows, we might find a birthparent in the process....


Lawfrog said...

You never know! The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways. Thinking of you and praying for you!!

Renee & Paul said...

Hoping that works out for you!!