Monday, March 26, 2007

glad it's a busy week

So glad it's a busy week for us. It keeps us from thinking about Thursday. Thursday is the 29th, and the day of our monthly check in. We know what they are going to say, but still, we look forward to it. We also dread it, because we know what they are going to say "we have plenty of profiles, thanks - talk to you next month!". The 29th will be 9 months since contracted out for us. So, we're past the normal "pregnancy" and still waiting... I guess our "gestation" is going to just be a bit longer than the norm. Ah, well. Enough thinking about it, time to get stuff done!


Renee & Paul said...

Hoping you get good news tomorrow!!

Diana said...

I hope you get good news instead of the standard! Sending good thoughts your way!