Monday, March 19, 2007

relationships take work

We are very fortunate. Often times couples who go through infertility and/or adoption experience a more challenging relationship. Fights, arguments, blame as to who might be the problem, or what the problem is, what is causing it to take so long, etc. Lucky for us, we've never had any problems at all. We both realize what is happening, and what needs to happen. And as a team we work together to build our family. Has it been easy? No. But we never let the struggle to build our family interfere with our relationship. And for that, we are much happier. And, we know that our little ones will grow up in a strong and happy household.

This also applies to friends, family, loved ones. And it works both ways. Don't be afraid to share your good news, share your TTC efforts, pregnancy,etc. with those who are adopting or experiencing IF issues. Sure, we are struggling to build our family, but we love being involved, hearing good news about yours. We feel sad when we don't know, or don't find out about something that's been going on in your life. We appreciate everyone who treats our relationship normally, sharing their excitement in their pregnancies, births, etc. It actually means more to us than you can possible believe. It even in some ways makes us feel normal.

Now, I know that we don't necessarily represent all those who are struggling with IF or those who are building their family through adoption, but that's how we feel. And I bet there are others out there too who feel the way we do....

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