Thursday, March 29, 2007

9 months

We hit 9 months since being contracted out today. 9 months. If we'd found out we were pregnant that date, we'd have a baby by now. But no. We're still in the unknown stage. Who knows how long it's going to be for us. We're "paper pregnant". Major difference between paper pregnancy and a physical one is that most of the time you know the general outcome and timeline of a phyisical pregnancy. But for us, who knows? Ah, well, what can we do?

Focus on the postive. Get some rest. And relax and enjoy our time together before our lives change forever, I guess.


Renee & Paul said...

It's so hard. I'm just starting my wait but my parents waited a long time to adopt my brother and I. It will be amazing though down the road looking back. Rest assured good things are to come. When I get down I try to think of it this way. A lot of my friends already have their kids and while that hurts bc we don''s exciting to be expecting. Once they are here it's amazing too but that waiting phase is so amazing in it's own right. Like being engaged before the wedding...the wedding was awesome but there was something magical about the excitement of anticipation. We as waiting adoptive parents are still in that magical excitement of anticipation, when will the baby come, what will they look like and so on. I hope that helps at least some. Best wishes!!

Kate said...

You guys are in my prayers often. I don't have anything wise to say, just wanting you to have your sweet baby in your arms very soon. In the meantime, enjoy every lazy Saturday morning. :)