Saturday, March 24, 2007

Productive day

Well, today was a pretty productive day. My friend called last night, asking if I could watch her little one today. She brought her over about 930, little one was so tired after a little snuggle she fell asleep and I put her to sleep in the crib. After about an hour nap or so, she was up and ready to play. So she and I played in the nursery. I brought in lots of toys, and put up the baby gate. I worked on organizing the closet, and she kept me company. She loved to help me too, especially with the plastic kids coat hangers. We had fun, read a couple books, and got stuff done.

The closet is (almost) all organized. I pulled out the onsies and single tops and bottoms. I matched up what I could, and put them back in the closet. Then, the onesies and unmatched stuff I organized in the dresser. For the clothes in the closet, everything is organized by size. Then, sleepers in the front, boy clothes, then girl clothes. In doing all this, I realized we have a good basic beginning for 3 and 6 month clothes, but almost nothing in newborn and 9 month. I'll keep that in the back of my mind for future use :) We shop sales, and are always looking for good deals. If we come upon one, we take advantage of it, and stock up some. That way, we have clothes for an insta match situation. At least enough clothes for a week or so until we can go shopping!

Mike and I went to Hobby Lobby in search of some pictures. We didn't find any frames we liked, but we did find two pictures (one is the night time prayer, the other a cruise ship) that will go nicely in the room. We are not painting the walls of the room, but rather putting up pictures - mostly of boats. I also showed him the letters I like. When we are finally matched up, and know what we are having, my mom will paint some letters to hang over the crib- in between the two sailboat pictures she has already painted. Obviously we are not doing that yet ;)

Anyway, tonight we are going to throw some steaks on the grill, make some baked potatoes, and have a nice dinner. It's beautiful weather, perfect for grilling out. And what a wonderful way to spend the evening.

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Lawfrog said...

You'll definitely want to get some 9-month clothes, but don't worry too much about newborn ones. Every child I've ever known has never been able to wear newborn size clothing and if they can, they outgrow it in a week or less. Those little buggers grow fast, I tell ya - Or maybe my friends just have amazon children...hmmm...I should look into that;)

By the way, I love the nursery you guys have! It looks so peaceful and calm and inviting. Your children are going to be very happy there!