Monday, June 11, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

A little over two years ago, when it first was started, I joined a board called Babytalkbio. I have found the message boards to be wonderful, full of supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable women (and now a few men). It was very helpful as we were trying to conceive, and as we were having infertility problems. The folks there have so much to share, and it's a great environment. There are so many different folks there, different ages, some who are not at the point of thinking about babies yet, some who are trying to conceive, some who are pregnant, some who have little ones, and everyone is all over the US, and now the world. I really enjoy the folks I have gotten to know there. I even moderate one of the boards (business and finance).

Recently several different levels of membership were set up, including a free version, a $2/mo version and a $5/mo version.

One "perk" of participating in the $5 level is Random Acts Of Kindness. With this, each participant sends out a RAOK at least once a month or so to someone else participating in RAOK (there is a list). There are no major requirements, basically, just send at least one package once a month. There is no dollar amount, no criteria, you just send something to someone to let them know you are thinking of them. You play "Fairy Godmother" to them.

Mike and I appreciate what we've been sent from our Fairy Godmothers. Today, we received two very generous ROAK that really meant a lot to us. One was eight coupons for Nestle Good Start formula. This is the formula that we are planning on using with our little one, and we are starting to stock up. We purchase a little bit each month, with grocery shopping, so that we will have a stash when our baby is here.

The other contained six Veggie Tales cds. We got: Have We Got A Show For You, Bob & Larry's Toddler Songs, Junior's Playtime Songs, Bob & Larry Sing the 70s, Boyz in the Sink, and Bob & Larry's Backyard Party. We both really like Veggies Tales, and their messages. And we know from experience with our nieces and nephews that this music is a hit with the little ones. We already had Rock a Bye Veggie (from a fairy godmother last month!) and VeggieTales Worship Songs (from my nephew and Godson, Blake)

It was such a wonderful feeling to receive those gifts today. And to know that someone took the time to think of us, and send them to us was spectacular.

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Lawfrog said...

What a neat idea and it's wonderful that you got things that will be very useful when your little one arrives.

It is a wonderful feeling knowing someone took the time to think of you. I still marvel at how perfect your gift of the exercise frog is! Everyone I show it to thinks it's awesome as do I!

I can't wait until you get your little one, you are so thoughtful and kind. He/she is a lucky child to have you as parents-in-waiting.