Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friends and Family

Friends and family are so wonderful, and what really helps as you are going through the adoption period. Waiting can seem like it takes forever, and some days you just don't know what to do. Most times, it's easy to relax, and know that it's going to happen when it's going to happen. Having faith that everything happens for a reason, and w hen the timing is right really helps to keep us positive.

Things that friends and family do, to let them know they are thinking of you, mean more than they possibly can even know. A blog comment, a message board post, an email, lunch with friends (and their little ones - even when they are fussy!), a beautiful flower arrangement, getting to hold and play with little ones- y'all are so sweet to do this for us, and it means SO much to us to have your support. It's hard to even bring to words how much it means to us, and how y'all were so wonderful yesterday in particular, and our other days of waiting...

Our little ones are going to be well loved, not just by Mike and I as parents, but also by our wonderful network of support. They will have many aunts and uncles, be them traditional or honorary. And we can't wait to have y'all over to meet them.

Mike and I are already planning a big BBQ when our little one(s) arrive(s), we want to introduce him/her to all those who have touched our lives so much, and we want to thank those who have been so helpful, loving, and supportive to us as we've gone through this.

So stay tuned... someday the invite will be announced!

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Davenports said...

Aw! That made me tear up. You are so sweet and have such a great attitude.

I can't wait to come to that bbq! :) I'm praying it'll be sooner rather than later.