Monday, July 23, 2007

Life is good

No, we still don't have "the call" yet, but life in general is very good.

We've rid ourselves of some negative influences in our lives. We're both working out on the treadmill and losing weight. We're eating healthier, and are overall feeling better about ourselves. Both of us have wonderful things going on in our jobs. Elizabeth's Noah's Ark business is picking up, and Mike is about to go on an 8-5 regular schedule, with little OT and no weekends. The house is organized. The nursery is set up, and slowly being decorated. Our 14 year old cat, Precious, is doing well. And we have great friends and family. Things are really starting to fall into place.

So now, we're ready. Hopefully something will happen soon. That's all we are missing, and, as Mike says "bring it on". It's in our hearts, our minds, and our prayers every day, and hopefully soon, we'll be sharing good news.

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