Sunday, July 15, 2007

Things you learn at baby showers

I was fortunate enough to cohost a baby shower for a good friend of mine yesterday. After a little scare (she went into preterm labor- but it was stopped) on Friday, she was more than ready to party on Sat. and celebrate her little one's upcoming arrival.

It was a lot of fun. There was a great mix of women there, and it was neat to see everyone, and how they reacted to different things. There was a good mix of non-moms (those not interested in being moms, or waiting to start trying), moms-in-waiting (those who are trying, pregnant, or waiting for the call), and moms (self explanatory). Plus 3 cute little ones ranging from less than 2 months to a toddler.

We played the game BabySmarts, and it was really interesting. It led to discussions on the various topics, and we all learned a little from it. Even if you just get the cards to read, it's worth it. There are four categories, Baby, Culture, Mom and Wild Card. And not only do they ask a question (typically true/false or multiple choice) and give the answer, but it also explains, going into further detail. Obviously some of the already moms were a bit more knoweldgeable in the subjects, but honestly, everyone learned something from it. It was fun to play.

The mom of the one month old pulled out a moby wrap when her little one was fussy, and just wanted to snuggle next to mom. At $39.95 and with protection from UV rays with the Rayoscan Process, it's a pretty neat thing. It's basically a long piece of cloth, and there are many different ways that you can wrap it around you, to snuggle baby in. It's a matter of finding the most comfortable fit for you and baby. You can even us it to carry baby on your back. It's very soft too. I am thinking of ordering one - It looks like it will come in handy.

One thing that the mom to be received was a changing pad, along with several changing pad covers. This led to a discussion as to how wonderful it is to have more than one cover - two at a minimum. And we totally agree- it makes a lot of sense, and it's necessary.

One of the things I gave the mom to be was a kozy pal cart cover. She is going to pick out the pattern she wants, and then I'll order it for her. I learned about this product several years ago, and have been giving it to friends and family since then. It's great! The covers not only fit in the carts, but also in most restuarnt high chairs. It does take a few weeks for them to come in (she goes by an order list). So I am probably going to go ahead and buy ours now. I love the turquoise chic stripe that I have pictured here.

Mom to be received a Diaper Champ. It's a diaper pail. Those really do come in handy. Mom to be mentioned that at another shower, someone said they didnt understand why she would regeister for a diaper pail, when a simple trash can with a foot pedal would work just as fine. That led to another fun discussion. Diaper pails are so handy now, and have so many features. They help eliminate smells, and overall make the room more pleasant. We are looking at the Graco Touch Free Pail ourselves. We actually could use one already- as right now, when we have a little one over and we change a diaper we just stick it in a gallon size zip lock bag and stick it in the trashcan. If the little one had a major diaper issue, this can sometimes stink up the pantry. I know many people who have used the Diaper Genie. Though I will say the new models out now are much easier to use than the older models from when my nephews were born.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste was also a popular, and very much discussed item. This product is awesome, and through the years I have found out through discussions with friends and family that it actually has many different uses for various rashes and ailments. It's also one of the best for baby's diaper rash.

One of the moms suggested to the mom to be that she invest in a few preemie outfits. Even if they are born on time, sometimes the newborn clothes swim on them. So it doesn't hurt to have a few preemie outfits just in case. Keep the tags on and you can always return them or give them to someone else.

A discussion on newborn diapers also took place, as the mom to be received Huggies Supreme Newborn Diapers and Pampers Swaddlers in size newborn. From the moms with experience, they all agreed that the Huggies newborn diapers were a bit smaller than the pampers newborn diapers. But that both were good. One of the moms insists though, that the Target brand of diapers is the absoulte best.

There were more things discussed, it was a lot of fun. It's neat to get together with women who are in various stages and interests in becoming (or not becoming) parents, and share thoughts and experiences.

I know that as our adoption progresses, I'm taking notes. And looking for things that will come in handy with out little one(s).


foodiefuv said...

I think alot of these baby items are quite unnecessary. Who really needs multiples of some of these things? A grocery cart cover? C'mon! I think new moms of today are feeding into this culture of "babystuff". People wcould save themselves alot of money (and room in their house) if they bought what was necessary, making sure the items they purchase really could be put to use. just my opinion.

katd said...

What a great post! I can't rave enough about butt paste:) It just makes me smile. Also, Target diapers AND formula are identical to the name brand equivalent. I have to add a HUGE rave for the Miracle Blanket. Lily loves to sleep swaddled and her first night in it, she slept six hours straight! By the third night, she was up to 9 or 10 - it was a total Godsend for us! :)

Annie said...

I just started reading you and took a look at your homepage. It's amazing how much we have in common! The crusing, the scrapbooking, the travel. I felt like I was reading about me! My husband and I are just beginning to consider adoption. I'll keep reading you for inspiration.