Sunday, September 23, 2007

fun family reunion, now off on a girls cruise

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a lot of fun. I got to spend the day watching my nieces and nephews, which meant a lot to me. It was nice to be there with my sisters, their families, my brother, and my parents. Most of my cousins and both my aunts were also there. Some of my dad's cousins were also there. It was a ton of fun, and a very nice weekend.

Now, I am sitting at the airport waiting for a flight to Vancouver. Mike dropped me off at the airport in San Antonio, and I flew to Houston. I'm hanging out watching the Sunday Night Football game and waiting for the flight before mine to take off so I can sit at the gate until the flight is here. It's going to be a long flight, and I arrive at 1154 PM, which is 154 AM my time. Then, I get to find a taxi to my hotel :) Luckily they take US dollars for taxis from the airport!

I am going on a repositioning cruise with some friends tomorrow. I have not met them "in person" yet, but one I talk to on the phone occasionally, and the two of us IM with a third, and the fourth is in a yahoo group with us. We are all either adopting from Lifetime, or have adopted from Lifetime. Actually, it's split evenly- two of us have adopted already and two of us are still waiting.

We are looking forward to it, and having fun hanging out together. We leave Vancouver tomorrow, then end up in San Francisco on Wednesday. One girl and I are spending Wednesday night there, an flying out on Thursday. We are both on the same flight to Phoenix, where she will stay, and I'll fly on to Houston. Mike is going to pick me up at the airport when I arrive on Thursday night.

I've been wanting to do a girls cruise for years, so it's nice to be finally doing it. It's kind of neat that the folks who are going are all Lifetime folks. I am SO ready for a vacation, I can't wait to just relax.

Another cool thing about it is that this is my 5th cruise with Princess, which means I become platinum after this one and get even more benefits when I cruise with them. I can't wait :)

The only thing I am sad about is that we were hoping we'd have a little one at the reunion, and that Mike would be taking off part of this week to stay with our little one while I was on the cruise. Well, on the positive side, he gets to save his vacation for a later date....

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