Monday, September 17, 2007

This weekend was fun

We had a great time this weekend. Mike and Blake got to have a lot of bonding time. It's fun to see him try to "reason" with a 5 year old. He learned to adapt pretty quickly though =) And they had a lot of fun. We all did.

Blake was a big help with the cookie parties we had. He loved showing people how to do things, decorate cookies, and playing with the little ones. He was so eager to eat the cookies, he couldn't wait until they were finished baking!

While he was here, he lost his third tooth. So the tooth fairy came and brought him a "ticket" ($1). He was super excited about that. But he was so funny as to who he would tell or not tell about his tooth being gone.

Mike got to learn a bit about five year old temper tantrums and how fast they can be happy and sad and moody. And how often a little one gets grumpy before they fall asleep.

It was a great bonding experience, and learning experience for all. And we can't wait to have those experiences with our little ones.

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Renee & Paul said...

so glad you had such a nice weekend with your nephew. How special!!