Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tuesday is an exciting day!

Two of my friends are in labor, and will become mommies today!

My friend didn't have her baby yesterday- so he'll most likely come today =) How exciting, I can't wait to hear that he is finally here =) Mike and I are going to visit when she'll let us, and we've bought him the cutest little outfit. She's going to be a great mommy, I'm so excited for her!

And, another friend of mine is adopting from China. Adam and Tracy find out find out TODAY who their baby is!!! They have been waiting for so long, they had a LID (log in date) of 11/22/05. And FINALLY, they are going to get to see a picture of their little one. And bring their child home in a few months. SO exciting! Though it's a different kind of labor, she's in labor too!

So send labor dust to my friends =)

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Tracy said...

Thanks for the post! Yes, I definitely had labor yesterday ;)

We are so happy - again, thank you!