Monday, January 14, 2008

First pedi appointment

Our little guy had a pedi appointment today. He's 2 weeks and 6 days (will be 3 weeks tomorrow). He got the all clear, he's good and healthy. And he gained exactly 1 lb (he's now 7 lbs 14 oz) and 1 & 3/4 inches (he's now 21 3/4 inches). He had his 3 week growth spurt a few days early. It happened this weekend, he ate a ton an slept a lot. Growing boys do that!

He still can fit into most of his preemie clothes (though not ones with feet) but he's a bit long. The newborn size clothes still swallow him sometimes, others fit well. And forget 0-3 months, he's not there yet ;)

But he's doing well, and right on track!


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I am so glad he is doing so well!!! Before you know it he will have outgrown the 0-3 stuff!!!