Friday, January 04, 2008

two weeks

We've been in this hotel room two weeks now. We sure are glad that we got a suite. That way we can have a little more room to move around and keep sleeping in one area and daytime activities in the other. Little Mark is doing well, we're teaching him between bedroom (pack n play) and living room (papasan) too :) His favorite place to sleep is on Mommy and one of his favorite places to just chill and hang out is in daddy's arms. He's a good little boy. Next week we will be taking him for a pedi appointment, and we suspect he probably has hit the 7lb mark by now. Tomorrow we are going on a little trip to meet a friend of mine and her husband. Mark can't wait to meet her!


Diana said...

Sounds wonderful!! Hope you get to go home soon!

L L (skyangel) said...

You are probably sitting with your friends right now! i am ssure you are having a blast and that Mark is getting smothered with attention. Hope you get to go home soon!