Sunday, January 06, 2008

First road trip

Our first road trip was wonderful. We found out that Mark is an excellent traveller. He pretty much slept the whole way there, or sat contently smiling away. We stopped once to feed him (actually I sat in the back feeding him while he was in his car seat and Mike continued driving).

When we got there, he charmed our friends. He loved to snuggle with Joy, and give her smiles and lots of love. Hopefully the baby luck will rub off on her and she'll get the call soon! Joy and I let Jeremy hold him for a little while, and even Daddy got to hold him a tiny bit. He was so comfortable in Joy's arms, he fell asleep.

Joy and I taught the guys about the finer art of changing a wet diaper in the back of a car. There weren't any changing tables, so we improvised. Joy and Jeremy gave Mark the cutest layette set- he's going to take a picture in it soon. It has sailboats and cars (Mommy and Daddy's favorites) as well as planes. Perfect for the kid who is going to travel quite a bit!

When we left, I sat in the back of the car to give him a bottle again. By the time we got to a gas station to fill up, he was finished. And he slept the whole way home. He was a perfect little boy.

That's great to know, for when we take our long road trip! (hopefully soon!)


Diana said...

That is a wonderful story!! Glad he is such a good traveller!

Lani said...

i am so glad your trip went so well. You guys are settling right into parenthood like I knew you would. I hope you get to go home soon!!!

patcakes618 said...

Hey Liz - are ya ever going home?? LOL

Melissa & Jon said...

Congratulations! A Christmas baby...a Christmas miracle. Welcome, Mark!

L L (skyangel) said...

Sounds like you all had such a wonderful time. Hoping you make that road trip home SOOOONNNN!!!!

Joy_Jeremy said...

I could have held him for days - what a doll! Thank you for giving us Faith :)