Wednesday, February 06, 2008

6 weeks

Wow, it's hard to believe he's 6 weeks old already! My how he is growing.

We are currently transitioning from Enfamil to Good Start, and it's going well. He can't use the little bottles all the time, as he often needs 6 oz or more at a feeding. He can't wear his preemie clothes anymore. He doesn't look so tiny or swallowed up in his 0-3 month clothes. He has discovered his lungs, and when he's hungry he tells you he wants food NOW. He typically sleeps at least 7 hours each night. He trys to hold the bottle. Recently he has discovered that he can pick up small/thin toys. He smiles big huge smiles for Mommy and Daddy. He likes to snuggle and touch, skin to skin contact is important to him. He moved to size 1 diapers, he leaks a lot in the newborns. He has found that he has a voice and coos. He likes to ride in the car, often falling asleep. He likes the stroller, especially when Mommy and Daddy take him for a walk. He loves tummy time.

I can go on and on, but you get the picture ;)

Oh how we are so in love with the little guy!


Kim said...

Psst... I gave you a You Make My Day Award

Diana said...

Sounds like the perfect match!!! Everyone fits so beautifully!

L L (skyangel) said...

He is growing and growing! i love getting these updates