Tuesday, February 19, 2008

8 weeks!

Mark is 8 weeks today!!


He is doing so much, showing such a personality. He uses his hands to grab things now. His taggie blanket, his "keys", and Daddy's leg hair are his favorite things to grab. He also like to help hold his bottle when you feed him.

Gone are the 3-4 oz bottles at a time. This little boy wants 6-8. And he lets you know he wants it NOW. He's pretty patient though, when you put the bib on him because he knows it is coming soon. We are working on signing for when he's hungry. While we know he probably doesn't get it, he still does sometimes put a hand in his face imitating Mommy or Daddy. He adjusted well to the Good Start formula and the Born Free bottles.

And boy can the little guy kick. That's one of his new tricks - to kick when he wants attention. It is so cute to see his little feet go.

He's always been a smiley boy, and that continues. Everyone always says "what a happy boy". And you know what, that's so true! He is a very happy boy :)

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L L (skyangel) said...

He is growing and changing so much and so fast!