Saturday, August 12, 2006

How we got here

We were married on Oct 23 in 2004. Our plan was to start building our family in 2005. We always new that we most likely would adopt our second child. However, infertility led us to start a little earlier than planned. After lots of trying, medicine, shots and some surgeries, we decided to pursue adoption of our first.

We knew we what we wanted, what our specifications were, and started researching agencies in Texas. We applied to a couple, were accepted into the International Program of one, but were not really satisfied with any of them.

One of my friends who is also adopting told us about the adoption facilitator she was using. We did research, and really liked them. So, we applied online. We got the call pretty quickly, and had an interview with them. They are selective, and limit the amount of families they accept each month. They also only accept families they believe they can help within two years. They liked us, and placed us on a wait list, as they were already full. They said it could be an undetermined amount of time, but that eventually we would be contracted with them. Well, surprise- we were accepted about a week later! They said that was a record for them, as it usually takes longer when you are on a wait list. We were contracted out that next week, and started the process.

While on the wait list, they suggested we go ahead and start our home study. So, we already had it scheduled. It ended up being the day after we got the call that we were fully in the program. The home study was to be finished this week, so we are just waiting for the email that it's in and complete. We made our profiles, they were approved ( you can view it at, and they were sent to the adoption coordinator so they can be passed out. It was a lot of fun putting them together. We should be up on the website soon (they are working on our web page) and should be in the next magazine that goes out. We are very happy with them, and glad they do so much marketing. We can't wait to start our family.

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