Monday, August 21, 2006

Very productive Sunday

Well, it was a very productive Sunday for us, that is for sure.

We went with #2 (the guest room) for the nursery. It was our guest room, so we cleared everything out of there. We set up the crib, put all the baby stuff in there, hung stuff in the closets. I am going to go to BRU in the next day or so to get some closet organizer stuff.

Then, we cleared out the junk room so we could put the bed, desk, and sewing machine table (formerly in the nursery) into the new guest room. We put away all the Christmas stuff into the walk in closet- great for easy access! I still have about 15 totes or so of stuff to go through, but it's a huge improvement from the way it used to be. All my Stuff A Friend stuff is in there for the time being. However, the guest room is totally functional now.

I put together another filing cabinet for my office, and will do the 2nd bookshelf sometime this week. We moved the big TV from the former guest room into my office, and moved the small tv from my office to the nursery. The guest room doesnt' have a tv right now, but it does have an iMac that can play movies/dvds. I need to empty out the office closet (that's my next huge project, probably over labor day) so that I can put the Stuff A Friend stuff in there.

We also hung our diplomas and our Benjamin Knox prints in the hallway. We put up Aggie Rings Bonded, The Century Tree, (where Mike proposed), and a really old one that is out of print (I've been a fan of his since he was in college at A&M the same time I was). We also put up the pictures my friend Kasey (of Monkey Tree Photography ) took of Kemah. She was my secret santa at Christmas, and took some awesome pics for our bathroom (it's sailboat/lighthouse themed).

We also did some research, and found a deal on our bedding set. We got a deal on the main set consisting of the bumpers, blanket, crib ruffle and sheet. We also bought a throw pillow and the window valence.

We will take pictures, and post them tomorrow if the room so far....

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