Wednesday, August 23, 2006

waiting... waiting... waiting

So, sometimes the reality that it's a waiting game kicks in. And yeah, it can be kind of depressing. But in the end, we know our little one was worth the wait.

They are not kidding when they say that adoption is a roller coaster of emotions. Even when nothing is going on, their is always the wondering.... Could we get the call tomorrow? Will our lives change forever next week? Is a birth mother looking at our profile right now and thinking "that's the family I want to include in my adoption plan"?

So, we take it day by day. We've done what they said, and we can handle a last minute, middle of the night call that might make us an insta-family. We are prepared with the basic necessities (and a little more), and can handle anything that comes our way.

The crib is up, the room is shaping up...., and as Mike likes to often say "bring on the kiddo"...

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