Sunday, August 20, 2006

scrapbooking and baby books

So, I've started scrapbooking this year. I'm pretty new to it, but am enjoying it. I figure it's a great way to remember stuff, and a great thing to do with all my excess pictures and stuff.

It's been fun so far, I've made a few small ones of Blake, Ella and Ryan. I figure, start with the little ones :) They had professional pictures taken by Monkey Tree Photography last year, and I used those pics to make small scrapbooks. It's a great learning/training experience for me.

I am also collecting papers, and have noticed that adoption paper is hard to come by. I think I am going to have to go online to look for it, as I've only found a few sheets at one of the five scrapbook stores I frequent.

I have found that most baby books are for pregnancies only. It's hard to find one that doesn't talk about the pregnancy. There are some called "lifebooks" or something like that, but they tend to cater more toward adopting internationally. Again, something not suitable for us.

So, I am going to scrapbook one book on the adoption process, then make a baby book from the point we bring our first baby home.

I'll repeat the process for our second child, with an adoption scrapbook then a baby book.

I figure it's a good compromise.

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Karen said...

Hey Elizabeth,

Here is a website that might be what your looking for a baby book. It doesn't refer to the pregnancy and is specifically catered to adoption/foster children. Also, has announcements :) Which we plan on ordering VERY soon.