Thursday, April 19, 2007


After starting to purchase baby supplies (in order to be prepared) we are realizing that coupons come in quite handy. Every little bit helps, that is for sure.

One thing I have found is that there are not many programs for adoptive parents. There are plenty of "expecting moms" programs, such as The Huggies Baby Network, which has A Happy and Healthy Pregnancy program, as well as a Happy Baby program, but you have to have a child's due date or birthdate in order to participate. Pampers has the same type program, except it's all in one- the My program. Again though, in order to sign up you need a due date or a child's birthdate. has the same. You have to enter a baby's birth or due date.

And the formula companies are exactly the same. Similac has a Welcome Additions Club, Enfamil has a Family Beginnings program (though Enfamil does have a spot for you to check if you are not expecting and do not have children younger than age 5 in your household, it doesn't address adoption specifically, and Nestle Good Start has the Very Best Baby program, again requiring a due date or birth date.

That's just for diapers and formula, but you get the picture. When you are adopting, and could be presented with an insta match at anytime, you need to go ahead and purchase some of these products. So, you have to pay full price retail unless you are able to get your hands on a coupon. It would be nice if they had a program for adopting parents.

One thing you can do is go ahead and sign up with a made up date. We did this with our Babies R Us and Target registries. The only problem is, if you pass that date, you have to go in and change it, or re-sign up.

Which is fine in the case of registries, but with diapers and formula coupons they might not let you sign up again with another date.

So, we take the coupons we have, hold on to them, and if we can't use them before they expire we share them with others who are using those formulas or diapers. I actually belong to a couple coupon trains, and we all share formula, diaper, and other baby related coupons. That way, everyone gets to save, and the coupons that aren't needed by one family might be used for another family.

It's just frustrating though, that we can't legitimately sign up for coupons, and have to make up a due date because we are adopting.


Beagle said...

I guess there just aren't enough of us for them to bother?

I've noticed similar in books about what to buy, etc. They all assume pregnancy and talk about mat clothes etc. as well as baby gear. I just look pat it but it's also kind of annoying.

Maybe we could all start a letter campaign to the bigger companies??

Renee & Paul said...

I completely agree!!