Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Fireside Chat

We had a teleconference call earlier this week. It was called "A Fireside Chat with Mardie". It was basically a Q&A session for folks who are contracted out with Lifetime. It was interesting, sharing some stories and tips as to what to expect, what's been going on, etc. They told us a bit about what to expect when matched, the hospital experience, etc. It was very informative.

They plan on doing some geared toward adopting mothers later this summer. That should be interesting :)

They also reminded us about the hundreds of websites they own. They even have one for every state. We are found on . It is interesting to see all the states, and the parents from there. If there are not enough parents, or if the state doesn't allow adoptive parents to work with facilitators (NY is one of those) then they list adoptive parents from other states. Birthmothers can come from any state, but states do sometimes restrict who adoptive parents can work with.

We got some great information on this call this week.


Diana said...

Glad you got some good information. I would think the hardest part of the process is just sitting around waiting so to have a week where you get something positive out of it must feel like a step forward.

Renee & Paul said...

glad the call went well. I cannot wait for it all to happen for you!!!