Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's hard to avoid the baby aisles

So, I found myself in Target today, and just had to stop by the baby section. I was good today, didn't buy any formula (though I saw diapers are on sale, I need to take my coupons and get some tomorrow!) or baby supply stuff. Though I was very tempted. I did purchase a few things for my friends that have recently adopted or are going to be adopting soon. Oh man, it was hard not to buy lots of stuff. There are so many cute things out there. And now, with spring and summer on the way, so many cute dresses for girls, and outfits for boys :) I love sailboats, and am starting to see several lines with sailboats. It's hard to resist buying them :) But I was good, and very focused. I 'daydreamed' a bit, but only bought what I needed to purchase.

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Renee & Paul said...

SO hard to avoid the aisles right? I feel like we'll have WAY too much baby stuff and no baby. I know logically at some point we will but it's so very hard isn't it?