Wednesday, April 11, 2007

starting to think about what to say

I received an email from another girl who is using our agency. She is going to be talking to a birthmother tonight. How exciting! She's very nervous, and wondering what to say, how the conversation should go. I know she and her husband will be fine.

That brought me to question, what will we do when we are chosen to chat with a birthmother? What do we say? What questions to ask?

We figure obviously we'll just be ourselves. Tha's most important in our book, let the birthparent see who we are.

Will be be nervous? Sure. Of course, who wouldn't be? It's a pretty important part of the adoption process.

We have been given a list of questions to use as suggestions. I guess we'd need to see the situation to determine which questions would work for us.

Hopefully we will be able to experience it sometime soon....

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Lawfrog said...

When it's your turn, and it will be soon I have no doubt, you will know just what to say and what to ask. It will come to you. I can't wait for your announcement that you've been matched, that will be an amazing, wonderful day!!