Sunday, April 08, 2007

Our last child free road trip? And some practice...

Well, we just got back from a wonderful road trip. We decided to just get in the car and go. We had a loose idea as to where we were going (south Texas) but no certain plans. Our mission: to knock out as many Texas counties as we could. See, Mike's goal is currently to go to every Texas county. He's doing pretty well, but needed to have south Texas covered. So, since we always go somewhere for Easter, we thought, why not?

It was nice to get away for a bit. Not focus on anything adoption related, work related, or anything in particular. Basically, just the two of us on the open road. We wonder, will it be out last child free road trip?

We both traveled quite a bit as children with our families. I have fond memories of Mom and Dad piling us into the car for the weekend, as we hit the open road. One thing Mike and I insist on is doing the same with our family. We already love to road trip, and plan on continuing that when we have children.

Our car is big enough :) But we did discuss (and look at cars on the road we saw) what would happen if our family was a bit larger than we originally thought and we'd need third row seating. We know there are some great vehicles out there.

The Easter Bunny visited our hotel room. About 440 in the morning, the Easter Bunny hid chocolate eggs around the room, and left a cute Easter basket. Boy was Mike surprised when he woke up this morning :)

We plan on making road trips with our kids fun. We learned growing up that road trips can be both fun and educational, and we plan on following that path ourselves. Easter is always our holiday to travel as "our family". So, we figured we'd have fun with it this year. Hopefully next year we'll be hiding eggs for a kid or two or more :)

We are going to get some practice this weekend. On Sat we are going to go watch our 4 year old nephew's soccer game. Then, we are going to bring his 15 month old sister home with us to spend the night. A friend of ours is having a birthday party for her one year old on Sunday, and our niece was invited to attend. I'll take her home Monday, when her parents get off work. It will be nice to get some niece time in. She is such a sweetie, and we have everything she needs to be comfortable here in our house. We are looking forward to her visit.

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