Monday, December 03, 2007

December already?

Wow, where has this year gone? It seems to have just flown by. It hasn't turned out quite as we expected (we'd figured we would be parents by now) but then again, does life ever quite turn out the way you expect?

Overall, life is very good. We're missing one thing in our life, parenthood, but that is pretty much it. There is always a chance we could get the call sometime this month, but we're figuing it probably won't be until 2008 that we realize our dreams of parenthood.

You never know though, stranger things have happened. Here's to a happy and fun December for all, and that all dreams for everyone are realized this December.


Roy and Lori said...

Congrats on having 17 months
behind you! One step closer!

Barely Sane said...

I love your upbeat attitude! It makes me excited for you & Mike because I KNOW a prospective BM will be able to feel that vibe too.
Hopefully the wait ends very very soon!