Sunday, December 23, 2007

We're set!

We're set! We have representation here, and someone to help us navigate all the paperwork. Now, we just wait for the little guy to be born.

We're going to relax and enjoy today, tomorrow and Tuesday, spending time together and enjoying our time together. We bought some Christmas stockings and put them up in our room. And we bought some holiday treats, so we'll have a nice, low key Christmas here. There is talk that there might even be some snow flurries on Christmas eve or Christmas day. We're thinking of driving to Santa Claus, IN to check it out ;)

Happy holidays everyone! We'll let you know when the little guy is born!


EAC said...

I saw a link to your blog on the nestie board, so I thought I'd be nosy and come check things out. Congratulations!! I still remember the day my parents got that phone call that my sister had been born and we were to head to SA to pick her up. There was so much excitement! This truly is a wonderful Christmas gift for you and your hubby. :)

SaraAugy said...

Congrats!! Santa Claus is beautiful this time of year. If you can drive through Christmas Lake Village, they have all the houses decorated.

ELizabeth said...

Wow~ wonderful news! I am so excited for you!!!! Hummm, maybe he is being born as I type~ I will try to go to the expectnet and make my pick...but any moment is a great gift for you both.


katd said...

How wonderful to have everything all ready to go. I can't WAIT to hear he's been born:) A Christmas you'll never, ever forget.