Sunday, December 30, 2007

Excel spreadsheets are wonderful

The nice thing about having a laptop is that we were able to set up a spreadsheet. Yep, we are now counting wet, poopy and combo diapers. Plus, we are also keeping track of feeding times and how much he eats. We'll take it in to our first pedi appointment when we see how much he has grown. It is interesting to see how he is sort of starting to get into a schedule, and he's also eating more.


Lawfrog said...

Great idea! I'm sure the pedi will appreciate it too. It's always better to have more info than not enough.

Kasey Marsh said...

: ) Congratulations, Mom and Dad! We're on vacation so I have not had much time to read up on what's happening, but it seems as though all has gone well with the processing and parenthood is suiting you well. Many thoughts and prayers for much of the same!

Kelly said...

You might look into Trixie Tracker -